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Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the financial and adminstrative centre in the Dalmatia area. It also has its own airport (near Trogir). Although industry, communication and trade are important Split appears as a beautiful and attractive town. The roman palace and the beautiful harbour show the variety of what Split has to offer.

The towns history started with the roman emeror Diocletian (240 - 316 A.C.). When his time as an emperor was over he wanted to build a place for his retirement age. Therefore he build a palace near a small and peaceful village by the coast in 295 A.C. He had no idea that 300 yars later the palace would be the centre of a growing town. The refugees who moved to Split came from the nearby roman town Soline where Diocletian was born. Today you can visit Soline (just outside Split) and see the ruins of roman buildings in a town that was forgotten for hundreds of years. 

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If you visit Split there are a couple of things you should see. The palace is now a part of the town and the narrow streets takes you through hundreds of years of changes in arcitecture and adapting to more modern times. Some of the original parts of the palace is still intact and in the middle of the palace you can see the beautiful cathedral founded where roman gods were woreshiped when the palace was built (see more pictures from Split).

The harbour is a beautiful area offering a lot of space and limited traffic. A lot of money have been spent in a renewal program for the harbour. In the eastern part all sorts of ferrys and boats take you to destinations near and far.

Split - Croatia

Split offers a wide range of historical buildings and monuments - in an area which is regardes as one of the sunniest in the middle of the Mediterranian territory. Do also read "top 20 what to see and do in Split".  

Palace in Split

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