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Vinisce is a small and sleepy village situated in a bay south of Marina in Croatia. This is a place offering the visitors a lot of space and peaceful surroundings, even in the middle of the tourist-season.

The road from Marina to Vinisce is narrow, bending its way over a hilltop south of Marina. This is not a place that is normally mentioned in tourist-brosjures, maybe because it is so close to larger and more important destinations like Sibenik, Rogoznica and Trogir. This "lack of" tourists and overcrowded beaches give Vinisce a unique and special atmosphere. Still Vinisce is not far from Split Airport - just about 25 km.

By car it takes 10 minutes from Marina before you can see the wide bay of Vinisce in the end of a valley surrounded by a number of small olive gardens. A narrow road takes you from one side of the bay to the other.This is a quiet place, but still it gives the few tourists what they need to enjoy their peaceful paradise.

Vinisce - Croatia

The church is found in the western part of the bay. The road follows the shoreline and here are a bakery, caffees and shops. Small boats are sharing the shoreline with locals and tourists. There is plenty of space for both. You can even park your car close to the beach (More pictures from Vinisce).

Vinisce harbour

Houses offering apartments for tourists are found several places around the wide harbour, most of them on the northern side. If you just want to relax and enjoy peaceful day in the sun, then Vinisce should be considered. This is something different from most other places in this part of Croatia.

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