Pictures of Brela

Brela shoreline

Here are some pictures from the village Brela in Croatia. Brela is situated on the Makarska-riviera not far from Baska Voda. The first picture (below) shows the harbour and the grey mountains that are like a trademark for this part of the Croatian coastline.

Brela in Croatia

From the harbour you can walk along the the shorline covered by the shadows from the pine trees. A long pebbled beach is found along the centre of the village. 

Harbour in Brela

While the breeze gives a comfortable teperature on the beach it the middle of the summer, it can be a hot experience to walk in the village. In the middle of the day most people spend their time by the seaside. In the village there are shops, restaurants and bakery (pekerna). 

Downtown Brela

There are also several restaurants and small shops along the beach. In the middle of the tourist season it can be quite crowded on the beach (as shown on the next two pictures).

Along the shorline in Brela

Brela in Croatia

Although Brela offers several beaches there are also parts with stone and cliffs.

Sunbathing in Brela

Brela is said to have the finest beach on the Makarska riviera and the place is really a beauty with the green bellt of vegetation seperating the beach from the grey mountains.

Picture of Brela in Croatia 

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