Pictures of Dubrovnik

Fortress in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is probably the most popular and famous destination for tourists visiting Croatia. The town was founded in the 7th century and was then an island. The massive walls, the towers and the protected harbour have made Dubrovnik a unique town by the Adriatic Sea. The pictures on this page shows different parts of the old town and its surroundings.

Dubrovnik - Croatia

The picture above shows the old town of Dubrovnik - once an island, but now connected to the mainland. The red roofs is one of the towns trademarks. Stradun - the main street - is seen on the middle of the picture. To the left we can see a part of the sheltered harbour in the south. Below we see two pictures of the city wall wich is one of the main attractions in Dubrovnik. A walk on the walls gives a beautiful view to the town and the Adriatic Sea.

Walls around Dubrovnik

Walls in Dobrovnik

To the south we can see the island Lokrum. The fortification in the southern part of Dubrovnik is impressive and most of it dates back to the Middle Age.

View from Dubrovnik

If you get tired of walking in the old city on hot summer day, you may take a breake at the beach found by the entrance southeast of Dubrovnik, close to the harbour. Within a short range you can find pleasure for both children and adults.

Beach - Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik harbour

The pictures above and below shows the southeastern part of the old town and its sheltered harbour.

Dubrovnik marina

Old town of Dubrovnik

Between the island Lokrum (to the left) and the mainland you are almost guaranteed to see sailships or cruisers. The road between the airport and the town gives you a beautiful view to Dubrovnik. More pictures from all over Croatia can be found on Photos Croatia.  

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