Pictures of Vinisce

Vinisce top image

Here are some pictures from the small village Vinisce in Croatia. Vinisce is situated 10 minutes (by car) south of Marina. The distance from Split Airport is therefore about 23 km. The road from Marina is narrow, bending over a hilltop before the wide bay of Vinisce is seen in the south. The pictures below show different parts of the wide harbour. The first pictures is taken in the north-eastern part of harbour.


Beach in Vinisce

While most of the villages in this area (near Trogir and Split) is crowded in the summer, it is still quiet and plenty of space in Vinisce. On the picture below we can also see one of the shops in Vinisce. 

Vinisce in Croatia

Apartment - Vinisce

The picture above shows buildings with apartments for rent i Vinisce. There are not many apartments in Vinisce, but tourism is an important part of income for the locals

Church in Vinisce

The church in Vinisce is situated in the north-vestern part of the bay - about 150 metres from the shoreline. While walking along the bay towards the western part, you will see more boats occupying the shoreline. The restaurants, shops and a bakery are found in the northern part of Vinisce. The nex pictures are displaying the harbour seen from the western part of the bay.

Boats in Vinisce

Vinisce harbour 

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