Pictures of Split

Here are some pictures taken in Split (Croatia). New motorways are built to and from this important town. Read; Motorway Croatia. The first picture on this page shows the inner part of the harbor with the tower of the cathedral seen in the background. The long and beautiful boardwalk follows the shoreline along the harbour, accompanied with a row of palms.

In the harbour you will access the shopping street Marmontova. Next to Marmontova you will find Hotel Bellevue in an area with several cafès and restaurants (shown below).

Most of the ferries and passenger ships is found in the eastern part of the harbour. Here Split is connected to a wide range of cities and islands in the Adriatic Sea. From Split a lot of tourists visit the islands Brac and Hvar.

Walking along the broadwalk you will see a lot of beautiful buildings. The church of Sv. Frane is one of them - seen to the right on the picture below.

The famous palace of the roman eperor Diocletian is found in the centre of the old town - not far from the harbour. The cathedral is placed in the centre of the palace and by looking at the first pictures of the harbour where you see the tower of the cathedral you can get an idea of where the palace is situated. When the palace was built the roman worshiped roman gods in temples that later were replaced with the cathedral. The picture below shows one of the entraces to the palace. "The Iron Gate" with the clock-tower is seen in the middle of the picture.

Walking straight through the palace you pass "The Silver Gate". Turning left towards the harbour you will walk through a market as seen on the next picture.

Walking through the market takes you down to the harbour with its wide and clean broadway.

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