Trogir in Croatia – the town and the nearby areas
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  • Boat excursions from Trogir to Solta

    Posted By on September 5, 2011

    If you spend your holiday along the Trogir-riviera, there are several travel agencies offering boat excursions to Solta. Here are some of the boats that takes tourist on excursions (or fish picnic) to Solta.

    M/Y Jerkic at MedenaM/Y Jerkic is the biggest of the boats doing this kind of rout, and it sails even if other boats cancel due to bad weather. Jerkic stops at Medena before it starts its journey. After visiting Drvenik Veliki it heads south to Maslinica at Solta.

    M/Y Mirakul at MedenaM/Y Miracul starts at Trogir and pick up more passengers at Medena before it heads south. Miracul have two stops at Solta. The first stop is in Necujam at the northeastern coast of Solta. The next (and the last) stop is Maslinica.

    Boat excursion with M/Y SirenaThe third boat I would like to mention in this article is M/Y Sirena. Sirena starts the day at Okrug Gornji (Ciovo) and then enters Trogir and Medena. Sirena stops at “The blue laguna” on the southeastern part of Drvenik Veliki where lunch is served (All excursions include lunch). The boat then sails to Maslinica at Solta.

    The last picture shows these boats in Maslinica (with M/Y Sirena in the middle). At 16.00 they head back to Medena and Trogir (arrival at 17.00).

    Excursion boats in Maslinica

    Parasailing in Croatia

    Posted By on August 21, 2011

    Parasailing is a very popular activity – especially among the younger generations. In Croatia there are several places that offer this kind of water-sport.

    Parasailing at MedenaYou do not need to feel lonesome in the air. This activity allows two or three persons parasailing at the same time. Some times the boat slows down, and the loss of speed lets the “sailors” touch the water for a second before the boat drags you back up in the air.

    Parasailing in CroatiaWhat it costs? If you are alone it will cost you 300-350 kuna. If you are parasailing with a friend it will cost about 500 kuna, and three persons will be charged about 750 kuna. The pictures (and prices) in this post is from Medena west of Trogir. On the picture abowe you can see Trogir in the back ground.

    Parasailing near Medena

    Trogir – Ciovo: The boat line

    Posted By on April 11, 2010

    From Trogir you can easily visit other places in the nearby area. The island Ciovo is connected to Trogir by a bridge, but narrow roads and traffic on the roads give the boats an advantage. If you want to see the western part of Ciovo you might as well travel by small boats. Remember that most boat lines operates only during the tourist season (from June till September/October).

    The boat line offers a light and cooling breeze on warm days and you get the opportunity to see Trogir and Ciovo from the seaside. You do not get stuck in the traffic and you will not get seasick. The time table can be seen on the pictures in this post. Most of the boats trafficking the area are entering and leaving Trogir near the Camerlengo Fortress.


    If you cross the bridge over to Ciovo you will find a boat line 50 meters to the left. From here you can reach Split and Slatine.


    The western bridge in Trogir

    Posted By on March 5, 2010

    trogir bridge

    The beautiful bridge between the mainland and the island is used by thousands of tourists and it takes you directly from the old town to the market on the mainland. Below you can see a video of how this wooden bridge was built.

    Seafood in Trogir

    Posted By on September 2, 2009

    This summer I had several meals at the restaurant found next to the church of St. Dominic. The restaurants is named by its location (Sv. Dominik restaurant) and it offers the customers a table under the palm trees on the broad promenade.


    In the evening it gets crowded in Trogir and it is good to end a hot day at a restaurant while the sun sets.

    I can recommend the seafood in Croatia. Below you can see a picture of a meal for two ordered at Sv. Dominik restaurant. We got two fish, four squid, two Norwegian Lobsters and mussels. We also ordered french fries and salad. It was delicious!


    Streets in Trogir

    Posted By on August 16, 2009


    Walking in Trogir is an unique experience. The narrow streets are free of cars but in the evenings – when the temperature is comfortable – they are crowded by tourists looking for souvenirs, restaurants or cultural monuments.

    In this small and old town you will find everything from hairdressers and restaurants to hotels and churches. Most important of all – people live here and you pass front doors and backyards on your way through the streets.


    Trogir from the sea

    Posted By on August 15, 2009

    I use to take the boat line from Vranjica to Trogir and this gives opportunities to get a different view to the town. Entering the harbour for west makes Fortress Camerlengo look really impressive.

    This sight must have been frustrating for those who tried to attack this town in the Middle Age. Back then a thick wall dominated the western part of the island, from the fortress to the tower of St. Mark. Today most of the walls are gone, but we can still get an idea of how it once appeared.


    Trogir – Split by boat

    Posted By on August 15, 2009

    When visiting Trogir in the summer there are a lot of boats bringing tourist back and forth between different destinations.

    After a hot day in Split I wanted to take the boat back to Trogir. Two boats were filled up with passengers from Split. It took 50 minutes before the boat stopped at Slatine in Ciovo. When we left Slatine the boats headed for Trogir. The smallest boat can be seen on the picture below as it leaves Slatine.

    Although it was hot and crowded it was a nice experience to travel by the small local boats. I guess the voyage from Split to Trogir lasted for 75-80 minutes. The boat stopped then on Ciovo close to the bridge to Trogir. I then used an other boat to take me from Trogir to my apartment in Vranjica.


    The market in Trogir

    Posted By on August 15, 2009

    I just got home from a three weeks long holiday in Seget Vranjica. I visited Trogir several times. The picture below shows the marketplace on the mainland. It is possible to park your car west of the market (seen to the left on the picture).

    The picture is taken from the bridge  in the wester part of Trogir.


    Kamerlengo Castle

    Posted By on May 6, 2009

    Kamerlengo Castle was built in the fifteenth century and it is also known as Gardina Kamerlengo. It is situated in the southwestern part of Trogir and the towers and walls are one of the main attractions in the area. From the tower seen on the first picture, you have a beautiful view over the town.


    kamerlengo castle