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The Camerlengo (Kamerlengo) Fortress is one of the most popular attractions in Trogir. The fortress with its huge tower dominates the western part of the island and from the top of the tower you get a beautiful view to the old town.

As long as Trogir has been a town there has been walls and towers to protect the inhabitants. The defence has gradually developed from the age of hellenistic philosophy till baroque. 

The fortress as we see it today was built in the fifteenth century by Venetians and Croatians. Trogir and a lot of other towns along the Adriatic coastline were then administraded by the Republic of Venice. 

The fortress was also a naval base and a wall was built across the western part of the island where the tower of St. Mark was built. Most of the walls was demolished as late as in the 19th century. Today there is an open field between the fortress and the tower.

The name Camerlengo is led out from an official title. The Camerlengo administrated the town and he had his office in the fortress.  

Althoug the fortress has four sides and four towers the southwestern tower was made higher and wider than the others. Today you can enter the fortress and walk the stairs to the top of the highers tower getting a fantastic wiev to the old town of Trogir, the island Ciovo, the ocean and the mainland. 

Today the fortress is used as a small consert-arena. Thick walls of stone and the open sky as a roof makes a very special atmosphere for both artists and the audience.

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